What is Podcast Rex?

Podcast Rex is our listener-facing brand that focuses on helping Podcast fans to find their next favourite podcast.

The brand encompasses the Podcast Rex social channels, mailouts including the popular Great British Podcasts newsletter, the Podcast Rex website, and Your Next Podcast.



Every Sunday 130,000 people receive the Great British Podcasts newsletter, making it one of the most popular podcast newsletters in the UK. The newsletter features a roundup of the week’s biggest podcast news, who is appearing on what, and our top podcast recommendations.

We also publish the Recommendation Engine, our weekly digest of the week in podcast reviews, ensuring interested readers can keep their finger on the pulse of what’s being talked about in the press and across the internet.


Podcast Rex video clips reach millions of people across Instagram, TikTok, X, YouTube and Facebook, amplifying great podcasts and helping listeners find something they’re going to love.


This is where we publish great journalism that helps keep readers up to date with the latest releases and what we think of them. It’s the home of our reviews and topic-based articles.