Podcasts could be your answer to harnessing the power of influencer to buy your product

Influencers, celebrities and podcasts – the three words that seem to show up in unison when we talk about new show launches, achievements or highlights in the podcasting industry. It’s a busy space. But, it is also unique. Influencers have become one of the main ways brands attempt to reach their customers when it comes to new product launches, and while Instagram Reels and TikToks do drive sales, we are here to tell you to also look at podcasting as your next avenue for success. 

Podcasts have been proven to be the most memorable and effective when it comes to brand recognition and loyalty. Combine that power with the charisma of influencers and celebrities in your brand’s remit and you have a golden opportunity to make a real impact. Here’s how: 

  1. Podcasts Have a Personal Approach 

Intimacy and engagement is something we so often take for granted when it comes to audio content. Podcasts allow influencers to speak directly to their audience and connect with them on a personal level. The listener, and in this case your potential customer too, will feel like they are simply listening to a voice note from their friend all the while being fed brand messaging – and what better way to make someone trust you but have their friend endorse your product?

  1. You Can be Targeted with Your Audience 

Podcast listeners are picky in the best way possible. They know what they like, and they know what content they would dedicate their time to. It takes more time and effort to be specific with the host and the show you will need to find to reach your ideal listeners, but it is worth it. Podcast celebrities and influencers are truly powerful. You want to make sure you are respecting their listeners by feeding them content that they would already be interested in, and that way they will likely gain more trust in you too. 

  1. Play Around with Long-Form Content 

If you are tired of marketing your product in just 90 seconds (max) – then podcasting is definitely the avenue for you. Once you zero-in on a podcast and host/influencer that aligns with your brand and values, why not speak to them about sponsoring a whole episode? This way, you could have a wider conversation about content of the show and make it not only effective but fun and entertaining, too. 

  1. Enjoy the Reward of Higher Engagement 

Podcast listeners might also be washing up while they listen, but they are famously very focused on their shows, too. Commutes, exercise, cleaning – people put on podcasts when their attention isn’t needed elsewhere and this makes any influencer marketing activity you set up across podcasts more effective. Your message will be heard, retained and most likely – even repeated!

The challenge with influencer marketing and podcasts doesn’t lie in the effectiveness of the medium, but the choices you make about which shows you want to advertise your product across. The questions to ask yourself would be: 

Do you want to set up ads read by an influencer or a celebrity? 

Or do you want to advertise across influencer shows by sponsoring whole episodes and/or working on a branded deal? 

Once you have the answers to those, go ahead and book some impressions either as sponsored content on a podcast or an ad to run across many shows at once. Podcasting unlocks yet another destination where people can hear about your product, and these different touch points would always help you win more customers.