Stop Podcaster’s Social Media Fatigue and Video Fears with These Tips

Most of us in the podcasting business already know that we need a solid and consistent social media and advertising push to gain new listeners. But this is the exact problem, too. A team that worked hours on a podcast launch, or just the episodes week to week, is often a little tired of the content by the time they press ‘publish’, especially as they then have to start the next episode. And how can we really expect them to put in the same effort into its marketing as the production? This is where a constant helping hand can really help.  

“No continuity and inconsistent branding can stop your podcast from growing.”

THE PAST: Traditional Marketing Model

In the good old days, marketing a podcast meant focusing on it on a project-by-project basis. Each episode had its own marketing push and you could separate the workload amongst your team that way. This worked, and still does, for many smaller podcasts – but it loses its value when we are talking about the big players (or soon-to-be big players). No continuity and inconsistent branding can stop your podcast from growing.  

THE SOLUTION: A Retainer-Based Marketing Model 

In a retainer-based model, you enter into an ongoing relationship with an agency to seamlessly integrate marketing into your production process. For a monthly fee, the agency provides comprehensive services, from video podcasts to social media management. This partnership means your internal team can focus on the content while the agency takes care of all the bits you already have a sharp vision for from your creative – but need help with executing. 

“Video is essential. Sorry.” – Matt Deegan, Co-Founder of Podcast Discovery


  1. UNIFIED PROCESS. Audio people all speak the same language. An agency that understands audio production will not interfere with your internal process and work with you over a longer period to enhance your downloads and visibility. 
  2. PUNCHY BRANDING. With an ongoing relationship, you can be consistent and impactful.  Audience will be able to easily recognise your podcast across episodes or seasons. 
  3. COST-EFFECTIVENESS. Sounds counter-intuitive but long-term contracts are more cost-efficient. You do not need to renegotiate every asset, and both teams can get on with their work without wasting time, too. 
  4. TAILORED STRATEGY. You will have a better grasp of your analytics and the corresponding strategy because your agency could track progress in real time. Pivot effectively, and you never lose valuable audiences. 
  5. DATA-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS. Continuous partnerships means continuous data support. The information flood can be analysed and used to make informed decisions, rather than leaving you to work from a ‘hunch.’ This also means you will get original ideas, and not recycled templates. 
  6. MORE CREATIVITY. Working with an agency means you get new ideas from people who haven’t been involved with the project as long as the creative team. Fresh eyes mean doubling your creative output.

“Fresh eyes mean doubling your creative output.”

Retainer-based marketing offers production companies a process that guarantees long-term success. Give a podcaster a microphone, and they will be published in an instant. But teach them to consistently promote their ideas over seasons, and you will get people listening.