CTAs are your tool to ensure your podcast has longevity and community

What even is a CTA? Why do you need one? You’ve probably heard the tried-and-tested ‘find us wherever you get your podcasts’ line at the end of each episode of your favourite show, but there is a bit more to a well-crafted Call-To-Action. 

A CTA is a statement that will move a passive listener to become an integral part of your podcast community. An active participant of your show would drive outcomes that would directly reflect in your download numbers by participating with others, reviewing your show, following your socials, sharing episodes with friends and acting on any promotional offers too. This is the dream of any podcaster: an active, engaged community. And here are some tips to consider when writing your scripts and the CTAs within:

  1. Be Specific 

Your Call-To-Action is the link that connects listening to real action taken by your audience members, and you have to be specific in what you are asking them to do. Being vague and saying ‘find us wherever you get your podcasts’ is fine and will do the trick, but do check if you are actually available where you say you are – every podcast app? Youtube?. Otherwise, think about what else you are trying to accomplish. Do you want Spotify to promote your podcast? Lead listeners directly to them. Do you have a mailing list? Describe how they can get to it. 

  1. Make It Sound Urgent 

We are all scared of missing out and here, FOMO is your friend. Put in timely words that prompt action straight away like ‘follow us now’ or ‘don’t miss out on a new episode by following us on Apple Podcasts.’ Give your listeners a timeframe, and make it tight. 

  1. Be Enticing 

You want to use a combination of verbs like ‘download,’ ‘review,’ ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’ with the real value that you are going to bring to your listeners. If you have bonus episodes somewhere that can be accessed for free – say it. Don’t gatekeep any information, but instead be very clear in your offerings. 

  1. Repeat Yourself

Once you have figured out a combination of a CTA that works for you, make sure to stick to it. You want to only occasionally mix it up, but most of the time – we are all creatures of habit and will remember a saying we hear on repeat. This also goes towards placing of your CTA. Give yourself the most chances of someone acting on it and place it at the beginning of your show, middle and the end. 

  1. Use Your Data

When you think you have the perfect formula, test it. Look at your analytics and make sure to check where listeners are dropping off or perhaps which episodes seem to be bringing you the most results when it comes to engagement across your socials, mailing lists or anything else you want listeners to pay attention to. The data is there – don’t forget to use it and change your tactics if you see no improvement.