Your checklist to master TikTok for your show

TikTok has quickly become one of the most interesting platforms for podcasters looking to find new listeners – but how do you use it? And can it really be a game changer for your show? We have the answers. 


The biggest thing you need to understand about TikTok is its algorithm. While there are very few written rules about how TikTok really works, we know that your content needs to be engaged with to be driven to the top of the ‘For You’ page. You want someone to view it at least one and a half times (so for a video, that’s one whole loop and a half). The platform is also very kind to new creators – so don’t be afraid to start if you have no presence on TikTok right now. Snippets from your show that are well-edited and are engaging can be an amazing tool to find new listeners for your podcast. 

A video from the ‘It Can’t Just Be Me’ podcast with Anna Richardson


Besides its unique algorithm, TikTok also has some particular tastes when it comes to content. Keep a close eye on trends, challenges and content cycles that are popping up. You can use viral music and create multiples of your videos to test which one is picked up more by the algorithm. You also want to make sure you are watching other creators who are in the same space – what are they doing that is podcast-related that you can lean into?


Condensing your show into a 60 second clip might seem impossible, but you have to try. You want to make sure your content is offering glimpses of the topics and the vibe of your whole podcast – while also giving the listeners the right ways to find you. Check your videos for the below:

  • Direct video descriptions that relate to your podcast (and/or videos that are preferably posted to your dedicated podcast page)
  • CTAs that encourage listeners to find the show
  • Unobstructed artwork featured in the video
  • Engaging and memorable graphics 
  • Clear and correct subtitles


Making the content interesting is just half the battle, you really want to create moments that people feel like they have to share. This means making short clips that would invite reactions from your audience, and also being an active participant on the platform. All social media platforms like to reward those who engage with others so utilise Q&A options and even provide behind the scenes content that can really drive interaction with your followers. 


Once you are set up with the basics on TikTok, give your podcast the best chance of success by making friends on the platform. You might want to reach out to influencers in the space to see if there is a way for you to collaborate on anything, or perhaps even giving them shoutouts online so that they could do the same back would be a nice addition to your social media strategy.