Five ways you can reuse your podcast content to help you find an even bigger audience.

Podcasting is unique in so many ways – it’s intimate, engaging and it is also extremely versatile. The content you produce for your show can work for you, you just have to know how you can drive your whole content strategy through your podcast alone. 

Turning your podcast episodes into content for your website, newsletter and even just repurposing part of your show on your feed can help you expand your reach and drive even more engagement with your brand. Here are six ways we’ve found that can really help your podcast grow and also attract more people to your show: 

1. Turn Your Episodes into Blog Posts

A very easy way to get more from your podcast is transforming your podcast transcripts into blog posts for your website. Especially if you are a branded podcast looking for more lead conversions, this is a simple way to include more CTAs (calls to action) and searchability for your content. The way to do this is very straightforward too: Take your podcast’s transcript and then highlight all the key points (or ask an AI service like ChatGPT to help you). Jot them down. Now add visuals, any additional resources like internal links  that would help your readers stay in your ecosystem, pop-up quotes or extra key takeaways and then write in all the context that is needed for readers to understand your main points. Add a CTA for your podcast at the end of the blog, and lead people to the original episode to learn even more! 

2. Create Social Content 

Driving listeners to your podcast using socials is nothing new, but make sure to also use your socials to actually ‘give away’ some of those insightful takeaways too. People react better to content than to just promo. Video trailers are a great way to go about creating anticipation for your show – but think about people who are coming across your socials for the very first time, too. What are they getting from your content and would they feel like they are getting enough value from your posts? Combining stills and video content with eye-catching text overlays that have real value would encourage sharing of your posts, and would let your podcast episodes do the heavy lifting when it comes to your social media content too.

3. Get Creative with Infographics 

Hearing something on a podcast versus seeing it laid out in front of you could be the best way to really get in people’s brains. If you have a show that is full of useful information or facts (especially numbers!), infographics might be your best friend. Summarise key concepts and any data that you discuss to make it easy to digest, and then repurpose it on your socials, your website and newsletter. You can also share it on Pinterest and LinkedIn with the right tags to give yourself the best chance of being discovered. Don’t forget to link your podcast to any content you post, too so people can learn even more. 

4. Put Together ‘Best Of’ Episodes

‘Best of’ episodes are the unsung heroes of mid-season breaks. Not only do they help to keep your feed alive if you need a family catch up over Christmas and New Year, but they also give listeners a chance to witness your best work. They are like a trailer that just keeps on giving – and are also SO useful for your award show entries, too!

5. Develop Newsletters

Similar to blog posts, newsletters are an amazing way to repurpose your show’s content. Newsletters can help you get to know your listeners much better too, so taking advantage of reaching your audience directly and not just through headphones alone is smart strategy. The concept of how you can repurpose your show into a newsletter is similar to blogs, but what you definitely want to lean into is identifying first what kind of listener you are targeting. You could create email newsletters for casual listeners, or go the LinkedIn route if you have a business podcast for example (like we have done for a podcast by Foreign Policy, presented by Sam Gyimah). 

All in all, making your  podcast content work harder for you is a great way to attract new listeners who might be looking to consume your insights in different formats. By keeping your podcast presence alive across different channels, you can maximise the impact of your show and build a way stronger connection with your listeners. 

Want to get more out of your show?