Spread the word about your podcast through targeted host reads across similar shows

Ads in podcasts are not news. And neither are host-reads. We all know that hearing a show advertised where listeners already live (like a show with your exact audience) is a great idea to spread word about your podcast. But, are host reads really that much more effective?

We think they are, and here is why:

Remember that Hosts Matter 

The voice that a listener hears day in and day out on their commute, at home while they cook, or during lunch breaks… is going to be a reliable source of information. An ad that breaks up the story the host is telling and is also then interruptive for the format of the show is simply going to annoy more people than it will attract. Sure, an old-fashioned audio ad is a good awareness exercise – but it isn’t ideal for actual listener conversion. But, when a host that you care about directly recommends another podcast or a product, you might actually take the time to follow up on their rec. It suddenly feels a lot more authentic and less like a sales pitch. 

Tailor Your Reads to Your Episodes 

Now that you are convinced that host reads might be a better use of your budget, go one step further and tailor your host reads to specific episodes, rather than the whole show. Think of a host read like a map for your new audience – you want it to feel like it will lead them to a specific location where they would learn something new, be entertained and ultimately, fall in love with your pod. Sure, not every episode would relate to every listener but that’s kind of the point – you want to give the most chances for everyone to have a reason to click-through to you. 

Keep It Simple 

The key for any host read is to make it seem like a seamless transition between your ad and the rest of the show. Do this by sending bullet points to the hosts that will read about your product, rather than specific scripts. You WANT to encourage the show which is going to help you advertise to make it their own, rather than making a stiff piece of advertising content. Be lenient, it will work in your favour. 

Make Friends 

While you are already in contact with other shows to organise host reads – always keep in mind that these contacts could be your new professional network. Impress them with professionalism, kindness and ultimately, give them a reason to work with you again. Who knows, next time it might be them paying to do a host read of their show instead!

Stay Vigilant 

Now that you are all set up with host reads, make sure to keep an eye on your analytics. If you don’t have tools to track conversions, you will want to note down download numbers before, during and after the host read. This information and the ad’s performance could then aid you in making any further decisions. That could be running more similar ads across other podcasts, focusing on other episodes, or even switching up your strategy entirely. Experiment wisely to get to your goals. 

Did this convince you to try out episodic host-reads? We would love to help. Just click the button below to email us with your questions and we can get you set up in no time!