Your marketing efforts only begin at launch – here’s your guide to keeping up the buzz of your new show.

Launching your podcast is just the first step in successfully finding, and keeping, your audiences. Attracting new listeners might be the goal at the very start of your campaign – but keeping them engaged and converting others to your show, will forever remain a key part of your marketing strategy. 

Here are our key takeaways about how you can keep up your marketing efforts throughout your podcast’s lifetime:

  1. Use Socials Wisely 

Each episode of your show can be considered a new launch. A launch of a new conversation, a new guest, or a new idea – so use it as such. Make trailers for your podcast’s episodes and share them on social channels! Constantly reminding people of your show and building anticipation is a key driver in how you can stay on top.

  1. Set Up Your Channels

Be consistent with your marketing activity by setting up podcast-specific marketing channels that allow you to share the aforementioned content with your audiences. You don’t want to compete with other social content from different shows in your network for the attention of your listeners.

  1. Write Newsletters

We often forget that newsletters can be a hugely effective marketing tool – especially for your consistent, post-launch push. Growing an email list with your listeners will help you give them the messages from the show and constantly remind them to follow and support you. Want more info? Read our blog on email marketing. 

  1. Put Spend behind Paid Channels 

You will not regret allocating a specific budget to paid promotion – this could be performance marketing, host reads or spot ads – but all of them will serve you well in the post-launch stage. Targeted ads can help you find more sample audiences, and will serve as yet another touch-point for everyone who comes across your ads. 

  1. Cross-Promote with Other Shows

The ideal scenario is any listener seeing your show in at least 7 places – so make one of them another podcast! Reach out and speak to influential shows in your genre, topic or influencer space and promote your show through them. You can get your hosts to guest, feed drop or ask for host-reads. 

  1. Think Episodically 

When creating any marketing asset for your show – think of them on an episodic basis. You want to create episodic artwork, episodic audio ads, episodic PR. Everything should be about driving listeners to your latest releases, and that makes treating each episode like it’s own launch.

  1. Shout About Each Ep 

Speaking of PR – this is a vital tool for your success. Listening to your own podcast very carefully and identifying any vital information that could be sent to the press is going to really boost your numbers. This means you open up your potential listeners to anyone who reads the (online) newspaper so it’s a huge win.