As the seasons change and Easter is now behind us, it is the perfect time to refresh your pod’s sound, feel and look. 

Breathing in new life into your show is not easy. Sometimes getting stuck in the same old routine of what you record, post and share is the key to your success – but if growth in your downloads and engagement has stalled… consider this: when you think about your basic elements of your show, do they need a refresh? Ask yourself:

  • Does my artwork clearly show what my podcast is about? And can you see all the faces/elements clearly even when it is small?
  • Do my socials look current and up-to-date?
  • Does my website show off all of my episodes and the diversity of my content?
  • Do I serve my existing listeners as well as give a clear intro about my podcast to any potential new audiences?
  • Does my podcast still sound the same even though its content has expanded since I first started uploading?
  • Have I given my audience enough opportunities to interact with the show (online and offline)?

If the answer to at least some of these require more than just a single word answer — you likely need a bit of a refresh to get yourself back on track. We have the answers. Consider the below 5 tips to get yourself started.

  1. Update Your Pod’s Brand and Visuals

Give your pod a facelift by going over your assets like your square cover art, your social media banners, your social clips, your Hero page on Apple and any of your other visual branding. New listeners will likely be attracted to something new and fresh, and old fans will be reminded that your show is just as exciting as it was when you first started. 

  1. Collaborate with New Guests

Fresh look = fresh ideas? Give your podcast a chance to go beyond what is expected and invite some new guests that would be able to push your podcast to new listeners. This diversity of content will be a nice way to tap into new listeners and also give you a sense of freshness to your feed. 

  1. Re-record Your Standard Elements

Does your podcast have some standard elements? Does you use the same audio to start every show? Do you always use the same words to finish? Perhaps its time to re-think them? If you’re focussed on growth then you need to think about the first minute of audio when someone presses play. Does it explain your show? Does it sell the episode? Does it help you get to the ‘meat’ of your content quicker?

Do you follow the same script for your outros? Do your listeners zone out when you start reading them? Have you trained them to skip to the next podcast when they hear them? Reconsider the script, but also the placement. Can you provide some great audio at the end to keep people listening?

  1. Plan an Event 

Summer is fully on its way – and there is NO better time for you to take advantage of the turning weather than by planning an event. Whether it’s an online meetup or an in-person live recording, getting guests excited for what is to come is such a great way to bring new attention to your show.

  1. Refresh Your Descriptions and Website

Now, the tedious bit: your descriptions and website. This is definitely time-consuming, but doing a full audit of everything that sits online that is related to your podcast is a must-complete task for anyone in the industry and there is no time like the present. Optimise your descriptions, check all the links work, and go through your website with surgical detail. Perhaps it was correct when you started, but has the show developed? Do you now know how to describe it better?