Is your host on the same page as you? How to talk to them to successfully market your podcast.

Now that you have found the perfect host for your show and together you agree on the editorial strategy for your show, there is just one more thing you should discuss… your podcast’s marketing strategy. We often hear the same thing: “Yes, the host seems very committed to the show.” But when it really comes down to it, their commitment might look different to you than to them. 

Your reasons for doing the show might be different to theirs. You may get more of the upside than they do. You may think, because you’re paying them, that they will do whatever you ask. 

We see that often shows assume that their hosts will do the necessary things to promote the podcast – and those necessary things are, many times, a list that just sits in the producers head!

We think it can be really important to sit down with your host and talk through marketing as much as you might do content. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. What is your time commitment like during the launch of the show?

The launch of the show is the most crucial point for any podcast. If you want to make a big splash with your launch, having a host that can participate in press days for TV and Radio appearances, general PR queries and interviews, as well as any events you might have planned around that time, would set you up for success. 

  1. What are you comfortable saying about this podcast publicly?

By this we mean – how much is your host willing to champion the show to others, without you (the production) nudging them. For example, during appearances on other shows, is your host happy to mention their new podcast? If not, why not? If you do encounter that you might not actually be on the same page about this, try positioning the marketing of the show as beneficial to the show’s success itself and draw up clear boundaries about what is expected on either side or production and talent.

  1. Do you have any social media restrictions that we need to be aware of?

Their grid may be sacred! Your host might have no problem reposting and resharing everything that you post about the show… but they very well might do. They might also not want to post anything you send them at all. A conversation about what the different social media posts for the show might look like is a great idea to get everyone on the same page. This would help you understand how you can perhaps alter any versions for your host’s socials. This is something we do at Podcast Discovery and we often have conversations with talent directly to align ourselves on what might appeal to the talent’s audiences vs. the show’s – and come up with a compromise. 

  1. What are your interests, hobbies and values? 

This question might seem like a bit of an oddball, but if we are talking about any sponsorships for your show – this is a great one to know the answer to. You want to make sure that any sponsored content feels organic and interesting to your show’s host. This will also help you seek out any opportunities too, as the host’s audiences are most likely aligned with them in their interests. 

  1. What is the most important success metric for you when it comes to the show?

Success can look very different for the host than it does for you, so make sure you know your host’s goals and ideas of what ‘a successful podcast’ looks like. This might be download numbers, it might be features across podcast apps, guest interviews on other shows, or maybe an engaged community around the show. Everyone has a unique outlook on success, so talk about it and maybe offer up some realistic examples of what you are trying to achieve! This will also make marketing your show a lot easier in the long run and you can ensure you work towards the same goals.